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Xylocaine pump spray 10 50ml

xylocaine pump spray 10 50ml

Xylocaine 10 % pump spray lignocaine. Each metered dose form Xylocaine 10 % Spray delivers 0.01 ml and contains 10mg lignocaine, ethanol.
XYLOCAINE PUMP SPRAY 10 %nahasprei, lahus / ml 50ml Pakendi infoleht: teave kasutajale Xylocaine Pump Spray 10 %, 10 mg/annuses, nahasprei.
1. Mis ravim on XYLOCAINE PUMP SPRAY 10 % ja milleks seda kasutatakse 2. Mida on vaja teada enne XYLOCAINE PUMP SPRAY 10 % kasutamist 3. Kuidas.

Legal and privacy policy. The active ingredient is lidocaine. Xylocaine is generally well tolerated, but in some cases it may cause mild side effects such as:. Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa. Xylocaine Spray is used to numb anaesthetise parts of the body.

xylocaine pump spray 10 50ml

Minimises the risk of bone fracture in tuber areas. Silver nitrate and acids. Xylocaine nahasprei pihustamisel limaskestadele tekib pihustamisalal ajutine tundlikkuse kadumine. Invalid title or given title is too short. Driving and using machines.


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